Micron wins VIVO’s Best Delivery Award

Micron has recently garnered the Best Delivery Award 2020 granted by international mobile giant VIVO! It was also a glorious moment of Gain Hero for being recognized as an agent of Micron in VIVO.

Micron is an important partner of VIVO in Memory Industry. Over more than 10 years of cooperation, they have worked on more than 50 models, with the products and solutions fully covering DRAM and NAND.

Micron has begun mass production of 176-layer 3D NAND

A leading provider of memory and storage solutions, Micron Technology today announced that it has begun volume shipments of the world’s first 176-layer 3D NAND flash memory, achieving unprecedented, industry-pioneering density and performance. Together, Micron’s new 176-layer technology and advanced architecture represent a radical breakthrough, enabling immense gains in application performance across a range of storage use cases spanning data center, intelligent edge and mobile devices.

Representing Micron’s fifth generation of 3D NAND and second-generation replacement-gate architecture, Micron’s 176-layer NAND is the most technologically advanced NAND node in the market. Compared with the company’s previous generation of high-volume 3D NAND, Micron’s 176-layer NAND improves both read latency and write latency by more than 35% — dramatically accelerating application performance.1 Featuring approximately 30% smaller die size than best-in-class competitive offerings, Micron’s 176-layer NAND’s compact design is ideal for solutions using small form factors.

Micron’s 176-layer NAND offers improved quality of service (QoS2), a critical design criterion for data center SSDs. This can accelerate the handling of data-intensive environments and workloads such as data lakes, artificial intelligence (AI) engines and big data analytics. For 5G smartphones, the enhanced QoS can enable faster launching and switching across multiple apps, creating a more seamless and responsive mobile experience and enabling true multitasking and full use of 5G’s low-latency network.

Micron’s fifth generation of 3D NAND also features an industry-leading maximum data transfer rate at 1,600 megatransfers per second (MT/s) on the Open NAND Flash Interface (ONFI) bus, a 33% improvement. The increased ONFI speed leads to faster system bootup and application performance. In automotive applications, this speed will power near instant-on response times for in-vehicle systems as soon as engines are turned on, enhancing the user experience.

Micron’s 176-layer triple-level cell (TLC) 3D NAND is in volume production in Micron’s Singapore fab and now shipping to customers, including through its Crucial consumer SSD product lines. The company will introduce additional new products based on this technology in 2021.

Micron LPDDR5 wins WEAA 2020

By virtue of its superb product performance and exceptional market performance, Micron’s low-power DDR5 (LPDDR5) has recently been selected as a best product winner in the prestigious ASPENCORE World Electronics Achievement Awards (WEAA) 2020.

Micron is the world’s first provider that has volume-shipped LPDDR5. Compared to previous generations, this product features a 50% increase in data access speeds and a 20% decrease in power consumption, bringing enhanced experience of movies, games, entertainment and multi-task operations into 5G smartphones. Apart from that, Micron LPDDR5 effectively addresses the requirements of automotive, PC, 5G and AI exclusive networks for better memory performance and higher power efficiency, thus accelerating the full deployment of 5G and AI applications.

Since its mass production, Micron LPDDR5 DRAM has gained broad recognition from customers and been applied in many top smartphones, making it a standard configuration of flagship smartphones of 2020.