Sales Manager (electronic components)

Work place: Guangdong/Shenzhen Number of people: 5, Education: Bachelor degree or above


1. Responsible for the development of key accounts and the maintenance of customer relations;

2. Advertise the product lines under the company’s agency, make sales plans and accomplish sales targets; complete the company’s key product line performances and projects;

3. Based on the department’s sales targets and strategies, understand customers’ project resources, analyze customer demands and market statuses, integrate internal and external resources and complete the output of solutions to customers;

4. Follow up on orders and shipments, process customers’ demands, and manage inventory and accounts receivable.


More than three years’ experience in the sales of electronic components; Bachelor’s degree or above; an educational background from electronic information or computer is preferred;

Skills: Strong skills in expression, negotiation, communication, coordination, information search and processing, survey and analysis; good team spirit and able to handle stress

Personality: We seek aspiring candidates with a strong sense of responsibility who are proactive, fast in learning, innovative and creative, and have market acumen, good abilities to seizing opportunities, superb strength in developing customers and strong service awareness.

Please send your resume to (Specify the position and your name in the subject)