Deputy Accounting Manager

Work place: Guangdong/Shenzhen Number of people: 1, Education: Bachelor degree or above


1. Assist the Accounting Manager to complete comprehensive budget: Based on the company’s business targets and policies, review the budget data and work plans of all departments and business units, propose amendments, and urge data adjustment; formulate comprehensive budget plans and submit to the management for approval.

2. Assist the Accounting Manager to complete the analysis of operations, ana analyze the company’s financial data and business data in various aspects such as profitability and operation efficiency; conduct quantitative analysis on the difference between the company’s business performance and budget, analyze causes of the difference and make an analysis report.

3. Collect upstream and downstream business information and data and conduct analysis and assessment;

4. Based on the needs of business units, complete the financial analysis in feasibility analysis of business projects and provide opinions and suggestions on finance;

5. Complete other work assigned by leaders.


1. Bachelor’s degree or above in financial management, accounting, finance or other related majors; CET-4 or above.

2. Intermediate title as an accountant or CPA is preferred.

3. More than 5 years’ experience in financial management.

4. Have good knowledge of national tax laws and regulations, and domestic and HKSAR policies and regulations on finance and tax.

5. Proficient in using SAP financial software and other office software.

6. Strong abilities in language, writing, communication and coordination.

7. Good team spirit and management abilities.

8. Good professional ethics, strict work attitude, devoted to work, a strong sense of responsibility and strong awareness of confidentiality.

9. Down-to-earth, amiable and presentable.

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