Business Executive

Work place: Beijing Number of people: 1, Education: Bachelor degree or above


1. Process general busienss requests of partners and handle routine business affairs (order processing, calculation of rebates, remittance, etc.);

2. Review customers’ documents and handle related affairs including quotations, follow-up of customers and customer credit management;

3. Participate and assist in business negotiations and drafting of contracts and agreements with partners (including suppliers);

4. Circulate customers’ feedback and suggestions internally and follow up on the process of problem-solving;

5. Forward customers’ requirements to related departments, address problems arising in communication with customers and seek solutions.


1. Bachelor’s degree or above in marketing, economic management, trade management or other related majors;

2. Trained in business negotiations, economic law and the drafting of business contracts;

3. Have strong abilities for business execution and negotiation in terms of work abilities and practical experience;

4. Amiable and good at communication and coordination; have excellent abilities for comprehensive analysis and strong awareness of observation;

5. Outgoing, cheerful, conscientious, responsibile, down-to-earth and hardworking, which are essential qualities we seek;

6. Honest, frank, mature, broad-minded and confident;

7. Have great enthusiasm for work, good teamwork, and excellent abilities for communication, coordination, organization and development;

8. Good at observing and able to make fast response;

9. CET-4 or above and proficient in English listening, speaking, reading and writing;

10. Proficient in using office software, in particular Excel and PPT.

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